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Ulbrinox is the Tier 1 & Tier 2 provider of stainless steel and aluminum with high corrosion resistance and high malleability in the mexican automotive industry. We have high resistance aluminum ideal for the formability of various applications.

Our inventory management system and a strong supply chain with the main mills in the industry across the globe allows us to guarantee the highest standards regarding service, quality and deliveries on time to our customers.

At Ulbrinox we are strategic suppliers of stainless steel and aluminum for different applications in the automotive industry, such as:

Heat shields

Heat shields

Moldings and emblems

Moldings and emblems

Flexible metal hoses

Flexible metal hoses

Automotive Bellows

Automotive Bellows

Exhaust systems

Exhaust systems



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Our on-delivery system is above 95% due to our different inventory management systems like just-in-time method and inventories on consignment, among others. We have a solid experience in the mexican automotive industry and the US with nearly 100 years in the metalworking industry. We also have corporate support from metallurgical experts for technical advice and development of new projects.


We have been certified in ISO (9001-2015) for 15 years


Currently pending for IATF certification (end of 2020)


years in the mexican market and about 100 worldwide

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We specialize in the production and sale of "precision strapping", that is, narrow and thin roll materials with mechanical properties, surface and edge finishes, required in certain automotive applications.


Technical support for the development of new projects, specifications, and special applications.


Customer-specific assigned sales and call-in representatives available 24/7.

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Management of different inventory programs such as Just in time, consignment, security inventories, among others.


Offer mutually agreed financing terms.


The support and experience of more than 100 years of the Ulbrich brand in the metalworking industry and the excellent commercial relationship with the main producing mills specialized in the automotive industry worldwide.

Be part of the select group of Ulbrinox customers and let us:
  • Improve your financial costs for inventory management
  • Reduce your delivery times for materials
  • Ensure the continuity of your supply chain
  • Advise you and supply all your stainless steel and aluminum requirements
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