Ulbrich: global leader in precision metals

Ulbrich: global leader in precision metals

Full coverage in North America

Ulbrich Stainless Steels & Special Metals, Inc. has specialized service centers throughout North America.

Ulbrinox (México) brings Ulbrich's quality and service to Latin American markets quickly and competitively, while Diversified Ulbrich of Canada (Ontario y Quebec) allows the Canadian market to supply all Ulbrich products.

In addition, the Ulbrich of Illinois and Ulbrich of New England centers allow the huge variety of products to reach every corner of the United States.

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Cutting edge technology

Ulbrich's capabilities are designed to help you meet all your needs

Z mill

Precision Rolling Capabilities

Our largest H-mill can handle incoming strips up to .125 "thick, while our smaller Z-mill can roll aluminum foil as light as .00039": an order of magnitude thinner than human hair.

Shaped wire 2

Shaped wire

Ulbrich Shaped Wire specializes in the manufacture of custom shapes and plans for a wide variety of industries. Depending on the complexity of the profile, the shapes can be net or almost net suitable for stamping, wedging, forming or machining. All the tools are manufactured to measure in our own center of tools of last generation.

Spools Color Light

Specialized wire products

Ulbrich Specialty Wire Products, located in Westminster, South Carolina, is equipped to precisely wind, stretch, anneal, straighten and wind a wide variety of round, flat and square wire products. Our "focus factory" (factory within a factory) dedicates managers and engineers along with state-of-the-art equipment to produce and manage the specific requirements of the industry.

Development Societies

The development of new products begins with great ideas and greater risks. Ulbrich helps minimize that risk through a highly experienced team of individualized experts. We assist in the development of customized materials solutions designed to meet your manufacturing needs and help you overcome the limits of innovation.

20 metallurgists

Access to an incomparable number of metallurgists of processes, products and quality, each with the experience that best suits their unique raw material needs.

165+ available alloys

Our extensive inventory in multiple product lines allows Ulbrich to supply the highest quality material for your specific requirements.

90+ years of experience

Since 1924, Ulbrich has been a pioneer in the metal industry thanks to an endless commitment to world class quality, innovation and customer service.


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